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Interview for “Życie Uniwersyteckie”

Prof. Magdalena Wrembel, Dr. Karolina Rataj and Dr. Hanna Kedzierska gave an interview to the magazine “Życie Uniwersyteckie (“University Life”) in Poznań. They talked about the research conducted on multilingualism and language acquisition in the ADIM project. The keynote of the interview was “Combining neuroscience and linguistics”.

The article highlights the interactions between languages in multilingual individuals and their effects on language perception and production, as well as the assessment of foreign accents. It challenges the common belief that only the native language influences subsequent foreign languages, suggesting that foreign languages can also influence each other. The influences between languages are dynamic, multidirectional, and subject to change based on language activation.

The research project aims to continue examining the interactions between native English and Norwegian speakers and to include studies involving Norwegians learning Polish in Poland. The team also conducts syntax studies using various methodologies in collaboration with Norwegian researchers. Additionally, they explore the dialects of Norwegian learned by Poles and the factors influencing their usage.

The researchers believe their work is pioneering and highlights the need for further research on the interactions between multiple foreign languages used by individuals. The long-term goals include building a speech corpus comprising Polish, English, and Norwegian in different contexts and speech styles, which could be made available to other researchers interested in multilingual speech patterns.

Here’s the link to the article (pages 24-25):

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